OLEHENRIKSEN 40th Anniversary

January 17, 2023  18:03  |  Fashion

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, award-winning skincare brand, OLEHENRIKSEN, expands upon their Scandinavian heritage with the announcement of Anine Bing, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of her eponymous label, as their first Global Scandi Brand Advisor. The introduction of this strategic partnership will bring forward the richness of Scandinavian culture inclusive of the multitude of benefits associated with Scandinavian lifestyle, wellness and skin care, and place Scandinavian values, such as hygge, back on the map.

OLEHENRIKSEN 40th Anniversary

Photo – Jojo Korsh ©

At its core, Scandinavia represents a larger-than-life culture that’s built on the small things, such as the Danish-born practice of hygge, defined as the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple efforts. With countries within the region touting some of the happiest populations in the world, since its inception, OLEHENRIKSEN has been infusing Scandinavian and hygge philosophies into their output. Whether it be the locally sourced ingredients that power the brand’s skincare products, or treasuring the moments taken to apply them, OLEHENRIKSEN is categorically championing this diverse and traditional culture with Scandinavian skin wellness at the forefront.

Danish-born brand founder Ole Henriksen’s personal experience with cystic acne encouraged him to create a wellness-focused skincare line inspired by his Scandi roots. Infused with powerful acid blends and plant-powered ingredients sourced from Scandinavia, such as Nordic Birch Sap, Snow Lotus and Alpine Willowherb Extracts, each joy-inducing ingredient and product makes every application an occasion to embrace.

Widely recognized for her effortlessly cool wardrobe essentials, Bing has been recognized as an authority in Scandinavian style since her namesake brand’s inception in 2012. Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and American energy, Bing has built a global fashion house focused on everyday wardrobe styles and investment pieces for modern women seeking a timeless yet rebellious approach to style.

Bing’s role with the brand will be an expansive one, ranging from creating social media content to cross-branded collaborations. Throughout the partnership, Bing will be spearheading a 6-part mini-series, providing an inside look into the best of Scandinavian skin and wellness with Bing’s secrets to attaining her effortless style, morning wellness tips, and of course, her favourite OLEHENRIKSEN products. With sights set on illuminating Scandinavian culture, this exclusive content will effectively harmonize skincare and general wellness practices, underscoring OLEHENRIKSEN as a lifestyle brand that transcends skincare.

OLEHENRIKSEN has tapped key Scandinavian creators, including Linda Hallberg, Ceval, Nnenna Echem and more to create a robust content series that highlights the Scandi lifestyle. Introducing fresh and modern faces directly from the region, the rollout of this content will immerse people into the richness of the culture through elevated storytelling.