Munè is the Special Guest of the September 2019 Edition

May 30, 2019  19:47  |  News


Photos – Munè ©

WHITE Milano has elected Munè as the special guest of the September 2019 edition of the show. This time, WHITE international scouting has drawn from Japan, with designer Munenori Uemuro, who launched the brand in 2018. This brand is the upshot of the Japanese designer creativity and features a perfect balance of uniqueness and simplicity. Munè has found in Milan the right place for its creative adventure and has elected the Made in Italy for its premium manufacturing quality.

Munenori’s creativity is stirred by the female vintage folklore, combined with hints of men’s workwear. Previously Jil Sander’s womenswear designer, Uemuro has endowed the shirt with new aesthetic meaning, namely the source of inspiration for his collections, marked by a natural elegance, hand-made details, and smart comfort. The flagship item of every wardrobe takes on a new connotation, under the banner of distinctive elegance. The materials chosen to model his creativity are selected by the best Italian suppliers, like the shirts’ fabrics by Thomas Mason by Albini.

“I am really glad I have been invited as WHITE Milano guest designer – declares Munenori Uemuro. Munè is a brand-new collection that deserves all the press and buyers’ attention, which this collaboration will most likely garner. I want to thank Massimiliano Bizzi for the opportunity to showcase my brand in preview.”

Clear-cut lines, well-defined volumes and a careful analysis of the weight of every item are the cornerstones of this design project, on show at WHITE.

WHITE has always focused on research and international scouting with an increasingly targeted brand mix, capable of renewing the offer of the stores and speaking to the new generations of consumers. In this scenario, the tradeshow’s, as well as Milan’s role, is pivotal, as they are set to become the go-to platform for both Italian and international labels that aim to grow globally, thus becoming a valid alternative to well-established and famed maisons.

“At WHITE we have always believed that talent should be valued and fostered – declares Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE – we are constantly looking for new designers to introduce them to the top international press and buyers, which regularly attend the show, where they can renew their stores’ offer. Munenori Uemuro is the latest among the creatives WHITE has believed in and decided to introduce to the worldwide fashion scene.”