November 4, 2022  18:07  |  Fashion

MONTSERRAT New York is expanding its offerings and retail presence this season with a holiday drop featuring lab-grown rubies and emeralds, an extension of their lab-grown diamond collection, and a wholesale partnership with Bloomingdale’s. The brand will expand its omnichannel footprint with its first-ever retail launch at the iconic Bloomingdale’s 59th St in Manhattan and at their online website for nationwide shipping.


Photo – Sophie Sahara ©

The Holiday Collection features designs by MONTSERRAT New York Co-Founder and designer Carolina Cordon-Bouzan, a second-generation jewellery designer, “When approaching holiday, we wanted to create pieces that had the spirit of the season with rich jewel tones for holiday dressing while ensuring the designs go on to become heritage pieces in our consumers’ closets. We worked with our usual 18K gold plated 925 recycled sterling silver,” noted Cordon-Bouzan. “Having grown up 10 blocks south of the 59th Street Bloomingdales, it was my go-to store where I went with friends and family to pick out pieces that allowed me to express myself through fashion, and really cultivate my personal style. It is truly a pinch-me moment to now have the clothing and charms I designed at this store that means so much to me, my friends, and generations of my family.”



This holiday collection features thirteen pieces including the iconic Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Bag as a MONTSERRAT New York Jet Set charm, exclusively available on Bloomingdale’s website and 59th street store. In addition to this, the Bloomingdales partnership will feature the brand’s Jet Sets in Champagne, Fuschia and Midnight Moire Taffeta, a wardrobe staple that will come with three New York-themed charms that attach to all of MONTSERRAT New York’s sets – a taxi, a champagne flute and the exclusive Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Bag.

Marissa Galante Frank, Bloomingdale’s Fashion Director Accessories & Beauty added, “We love Montserrat’s playful iconic charms and the limited edition Big Brown Bag charm celebrates our 150th Anniversary. Their jewellery is very customizable and can be curated to fit your personal style. The perfect gifts for this holiday season.”

“We really wanted this year’s Holiday collection to be about New York and our roots, going to events, shopping on Fifth Avenue, quintessential moments that really speak to our experience here as lifelong New Yorkers. Having our pieces retailed in Bloomingdales is a dream come true for us, and just the beginning of our retail strategy to partner and expand our footprint beyond a DTC online market. There’s such value in seeing and feeling clothing and as people are shopping more in person, we want to make sure to cater to our customers.” added Gayle Yelon, Co-Founder and CMO.

Bloomingdale’s-exclusive items will be shoppable on Friday, November 4, 2022 both online and in-store at the New York City 59th Street Location.