LANEIGE debuts in Europe

April 9, 2019  19:51  |  Beauty Fashion


Photo – LANEIGE / Amorepacific ©

Korea’s leading cosmetics company Amorepacific today announced the launch of its hydration-focused premium brand LANEIGE in Europe through an exclusive partnership with Sephora. The second major European launch milestone from the oldest and largest beauty company in Korea that boast 74 years of history and research prowess in Asian skincare.

Created in 1994, LANEIGE has at its base 25 years of research and mastery of the science on the interaction between healthy skin and water to create deeply hydrating complexes. With hydration at the core of its brand DNA, LANEIGE brings skincare to a new level of excellence with clinically proven technologies including its ‘WATER SCIENCE’ technology (transformation and optimization of natural water ingredients into effective hydration formulas); as well as the use of hydro-ionized mineral water (a special formulation of six moisture-maximizing minerals – zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium).

Amorepacific is thrilled to have Sephora as the exclusive retail partner for LANEIGE,” said Thierry MAMAN, General Manager of Amorepacific Europe. “Through this partnership, we will finally share this trusted Asian brand with European customers – the simple yet effective, immediate hydration for healthy skin.”