International Tai Chi Contest Held in it’s Hometown City

September 20, 2023  16:42  |  News

In a dazzling spectacle that unfolded on September 16, the 11th China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition and the 2023 Yuntai Mountain Tourism Festival burst into life in the heart of central China’s Henan Province, in none other than Jiaozuo City.

International Tai Chi Contest Held in it’s Hometown City

Photo – courtesy of the 11th China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition and 2023 Yuntai Mountain Tourism Festival ©

This gathering is more than just an event; it’s a dynamic celebration, a fusion of culture, sport, and economic vitality. Picture this: Tai Chi enthusiasts and curious travellers converging for a whirlwind of Tai Chi contests, thrilling travel expeditions, strategic investment negotiations, and enlightening forums. It’s a multifaceted extravaganza that aims to spotlight the treasures of Jiaozuo City, the splendor of Yuntai Mountain’s tourism, and the captivating tapestry of Tai Chi culture.

Jiaozuo, often hailed as the cradle of Tai Chi, holds the prestigious title of the “Holy Land of Tai Chi,” bestowed by none other than the Chinese Martial Arts Association. Tai Chi, the embodiment of grace and power, was recognized on December 17, 2020, by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. With over 600 million practitioners across more than 150 countries, it’s an art form that has truly conquered the world.

But Tai Chi is more than just a fitness regimen; it’s a quintessential symbol of China’s rich cultural heritage. Its allure lies in its timeless connection to the country’s traditional values and wisdom.

Amidst this cultural extravaganza lies the breathtaking Yuntai Mountain, nestled in Jiaozuo. This mountain marvel, renowned globally for its awe-inspiring canyons, holds the esteemed titles of both a global geopark and a national 5A-level tourist attraction. It’s a natural wonder that beckons explorers from near and far.

Now, imagine this grand Tai Chi competition and tourism festival, which has been captivating audiences since 1992. It’s a brilliant fusion of sports and tourism, an idea so magnificent that it earned the coveted status of an excellent project in sports-related tourism, as recognized by both the General Administration of Sport and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In essence, this event is a showcase, a vibrant tapestry that highlights the charm of Jiaozuo and Henan. It leaves an indelible mark not only in the international martial arts arena but also in the dynamic landscape of China’s tourism sector. It’s a symphony of culture, a dance of tradition, and a celebration of exploration—a true testament to the power of Tai Chi and the allure of Yuntai Mountain.