Hybrid Design Driven by Life Tech Rebalance and a Sustainable Future

September 10, 2020  14:49  |  Shopping

Hybrid Design Driven by Life Tech Rebalance and a Sustainable Future

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VELDT USA, Inc. proudly announces the newest addition to its sustainability-focused LUXTURE hybrid smartwatch collection: Model IG. This smartwatch is the first device of its kind manufactured by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., a company that has remained at the forefront of high-quality watchmaking and craftsmanship for over a century.

Designed for seekers of harmony, beauty and sustainability in a digital world, the Model IG smartwatch was engineered based on the company’s credo, “Life Tech Rebalance.” Developed to improve humanity, one percent of every VELDT LUXTURE smartwatch sale will be donated to highly-vetted environmental organizations through a collaboration with the nonprofit, 1% for the Planet.

“Today’s smart devices and applications are designed to capture our attention and time, often at the price of our well-being, relationships, and environment,” said Jin Nonogami, CEO and Founder of VELDT. “The VELDT LUXTURE smartwatch takes a different approach. We optimized our technology for harmony and beauty, and to help restore social and environmental balance. While innovating technology is important, the VELDT LUXTURE Model IG smartwatch focuses more on innovating the way we interact with technology to create positive momentum for humans and the Earth.”

Hybrid Design Driven by Life Tech Rebalance and a Sustainable Future

The VELDT LUXTURE Model IG deliberately reduces the amount of data displayed at any given time, conveying only the most important information as defined by the user. Words are replaced with lights for a more sublime experience. Unique, built-in functionalities foster awareness of the planet’s rising temperatures to encourage actions that improve ourselves, our society and the global environment. Users can also explore new sustainability features such as the “CO2 Meter,” “Air Quality Index,” and “Earth Temperature” functions, which display the average temperature difference of the Earth compared to 10 years ago. Additional built-in capabilities display UV exposure, weather updates, moon phase, wave levels and other information related to the natural environment.

The VELDT LUXTURE Model IG draws inspiration from glacial icebergs, floating symbols of Earth’s climatic changes and ancient timepieces of our planet’s history. The luxury hybrid smartwatch features a newly designed stainless-steel bracelet and sapphire glass display. Three colours are introduced – Enigmatic Blue, Orange, and Rose Gold – that evoke the sheer beauty and wonderment of icebergs.

The LUXTURE series uses the patented VELDT FLARE technology, which conveys information using LED lights embedded under the wristwatch dial. Different from a typical digital screen, this unique technology achieves beautiful and intuitive data expression by using multiple LED colour patterns to paint data around the canvas of the analogue dial.

Hybrid Design Driven by Life Tech Rebalance and a Sustainable Future

VELDT LUXTURE smartwatches are compatible with Riiiver, an IoT platform jointly developed by VELDT and Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., to freely connect devices, services and people. Through the Riiiver app, users can easily create and share their own original functions. The community of active Riiiver users continues to grow and inspire new lifestyle hacks.

Through the VELDT LUXTURE smartphone application, a new feature called “Digital Timeout” enables users to block time on their calendar where all notifications and alerts are disengaged to encourage a “Life Tech Rebalance.”

Furthermore, VELDT has launched a new website “weltwatch.com,” which provides comprehensive data to anyone interested in learning more about the climate crisis. VELDT LUXTURE Model IG smartwatch is available to order online beginning September 10, 2020, at www.veldtwatch.com.