March 26, 2024  23:26  |  Fashion


Photos – courtesy of Gen Phoenix ©


Today marks the launch of Dr. Martens’ pioneering Genix Nappa collection, crafted from reclaimed leather sourced from Gen Phoenix, the world’s foremost sustainable recycled leather company at scale. This innovative collection is a bold step towards reducing waste by repurposing leather offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfills, transforming them into a supple yet resilient new material.

The creation of the Genix Nappa material involved a collaboration between Dr. Martens and Gen Phoenix, harnessing the latter’s cutting-edge technology. This groundbreaking process breaks down waste leather to its fibre level before reconstructing it using recycled water, resulting in a premium and durable recycled material.

Durability lies at the core of all Dr. Martens’ products, a legacy that dates back to 1960. With Gen Phoenix’s 15-year track record of producing durable, high-performing recycled materials for industries like aviation, rail, and bus, the company is now poised to make a significant impact in fashion and footwear. Dr. Martens’ selection of Gen Phoenix as a strategic material partner reflects their shared commitment to creating enduring, sustainably made products.




Genix Nappa redefines strength by offering wearers a more sustainable alternative to traditional leather. With a lower carbon footprint and engineered to match the durability, comfort, and longevity of Dr. Martens’ iconic styles, this new material represents a step forward in eco-conscious fashion.

The leather offcuts, sourced from tanneries, undergo Gen Phoenix’s proprietary process to separate and re-entangle the leather fibers, resulting in a roll of re-engineered, reclaimed leather used in footwear manufacturing. The Genix Nappa material comprises over 50% waste leather, making it a sustainable choice from top to bottom.

Gen Phoenix’s environmentally responsible production process, powered by 100% renewable electricity and with 95% water recycling, enables circular material production at scale. Both brands share a focus on sustainability through longevity, and Gen Phoenix is proud to support Dr. Martens as it advances towards creating durable, lower-impact footwear for a more sustainable future.

The Genix Nappa collection will debut on March 26, 2024, and will be available for purchase at drmartens.com.

Dr. Martens’ collaboration with Gen Phoenix underscores the shared commitment to sustainability between these two UK brands. This partnership follows Dr. Martens’ strategic investment in Gen Phoenix in 2023 and marks Gen Phoenix’s second collaboration with a heritage fashion brand to develop more eco-conscious offerings while maintaining the quality and luxury customers expect. Last April, Gen Phoenix supported the launch of Coach’s circular sub-brand, Coachtopia, integrating its material innovation into the brand’s line of handbags and leather goods.