DIVIDED LAYERS Installation Wins Fuorisalone Award 2022

June 12, 2022  16:26  |  News

Kohler’s Fuorisalone exhibition featuring a large-scale immersive art experience, entitled “Divided Layers,” is named the winning project in the Fuorisalone Award 2022, a project by Fuorisalone.it. Divided Layers is a site-specific installation that builds upon the duo’s release of Rock.01 – a 3D printed sink Daniel Arsham designed in collaboration with Kohler in 2021.

DIVIDED LAYERS Installation Wins Fuorisalone Award 2022

Photos – Kohler Co.’s archive ©

Kohler, a global lifestyle brand and leader in kitchen and bath products, partnered with artist-designer, Daniel Arsham on the world premiere of the immersive art experience.

The Fuorisalone Award is both the physical prize, made in 3D printing and the related NFT. The three-dimensional representation of complex data relating to Fuorisalone.it was created by Mauro Martino, digital artist, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab (Cambridge, MA, USA). Mauro Martino created a “network sculpture,” an abstract mathematical construct, synthesis of the processing of both physical and digital data collected through the Fuorisalone web platform. The result is a digital diagram consisting of nodes (point objects) and connections (one-dimensional lines) which was translated into an organic three-dimensional physical object.

DIVIDED LAYERS Installation Wins Fuorisalone Award 2022

The immersive installation is made of a series of stacked panels combined to form a walkable tunnel. When developing Rock.01, Arsham was inspired to create Divided Layers to give guests the ability to move through the sink. Each panel references a single plane of the 3D-printed clay that layers together to form the sink. 3D printing is a process of additive construction; in contrast, the tunnel is revealing the subtractive by taking away portions to give way to the volume the visitor can walk through.