vVARDIS Launches State of the Art Oral Care Products

October 26, 2022  19:33  |  Beauty Fashion

vVARDIS, the revolutionary oral health company transforming oral care and dentistry, announced today that the brand’s line of products will launch at luxury beauty and wellness retailer Bluemercury.

vVARDIS Launches State of the Art Oral Care Products

Photo – courtesy of vVARDIS ©

vVARDIS’ full range of products will now be available for purchase including its’ revolutionary New White Enamel Anti-aging Serum, an intensive seven-day treatment that rejuvenates tooth enamel for immediate smoothness. Paired with its extensive line of premium products, vVARDIS aims to eliminate early tooth decay for a youthful, brighter, timeless smile.

“We are thrilled to be the first premium oral health brand carried at Bluemercury. At vVARDIS, our goal is to ensure consumers have access to the highest quality oral care. Our line of dental care is more than just basic hygiene, it’s a revolution in the dental industry. Our biomimetic technology developed in Switzerland aims to eliminate early tooth decay by creating new white enamel the way that nature does,” said Haleh Abivardi, Co-Founder at vVARDIS. “We’re setting a new standard for oral health, and our products offer results that have the ability to completely transform self-care.”

vVARIDS’ innovative technology combines biomimetic compounds and natural minerals to deliver sustainable products to protect and strengthen your teeth. Its products are paving the way for a drill-free future, working to eliminate tooth decay and rebuild enamel.

As the first oral care products carried at Bluemercury, vVARDIS will magnify its premium oral care experience by offering customer consultations and events at select locations with vVARDIS experts and executives to offer a more in-depth understanding of the science behind the products.