Unveiling the Jewellery/Cigar Dragon Box by Anita Mai Tan

May 13, 2024  15:20  |  News

Unveiling the Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box by Anita Mai Tan

Photos – courtesy of Anita Mai Tan ©


Well-known artist Anita Mai Tan is set to captivate the world once again with her latest masterpiece, the Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box. This labour of love, spanning over two years and thousands of hours of dedication, promises to make waves in 2024, coinciding with the auspicious Year of the Wood Dragon.

What distinguishes this creation is not only its beauty but also its noble purpose. A significant portion of the proceeds will be devoted to initiatives supporting underprivileged youth, offering them educational opportunities and steering them away from the streets.

At the heart of the Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box lies a breathtaking 2000-year-old White Jade dragon, surrounded by a bed of 1188 diamonds – 396 each of Yellow, Pink, and White, totalling 1368 carats. Each flawless diamond, symbolizing prosperity and wealth, draws inspiration from Greek and Chinese cultures.

Anita Mai’s meticulous attention to detail extends to every facet of the box. The choice of three diamond colours, each comprising 396 stones, symbolizes the essence of life, with numerical symbolism reinforcing themes of honour, prosperity, and eternity. The blend of Pink for love, Yellow for happiness and energy, and White for purity reflects a harmonious fusion of cultural and emotional significance.

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Anita Mai Tan is a beacon of philanthropy and innovation. Together with her husband and daughter, she champions environmental causes through contributions to green technologies. Her commitment to social good is evident in previous charitable works and ongoing efforts to empower disadvantaged youths.


Unveiling the Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box by Anita Mai Tan


Anita’s approach to assisting her clients is truly exceptional. Through her craft, she creates “One of a Kind” jewellery pieces that are not just accessories but reflections of her clients’ unique personalities. By infusing innovative designs and materials, especially tailored for bridal jewellery, she ensures that each piece is a manifestation of love, elegance, and abundance.

Anita Mai Tan’s legacy transcends her artistic brilliance, embodying a spirit of compassion and progress. As she continues to shape the world through her creations, her impact on both aesthetics and humanity remains indelible.