The 37th Riga Fashion Week

September 29, 2023  19:21  |  News

From October 20th to 25th, the fashion-forward streets of Riga, Latvia, will be buzzing with excitement as the city plays host to the trendsetting Riga Fashion Week. This season, the spotlight is firmly on art as the chosen theme, drawing inspiration from the avant-garde movement of metamodernism. The week’s itinerary is packed with high-octane events, including compelling fashion shows by both local talents and international designers, staged at iconic venues like Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and the chic Eviart Gallery. And that’s just the beginning!

The 37th Riga Fashion Week

Photo – courtesy of Olga Golovko ©

Two cutting-edge exhibitions, exclusive seminars tailored for industry insiders, and a slew of thematic events promise an unforgettable fashion celebration. But what’s truly turning heads this season is the main artistic image, a creation born from the mind of tech-savvy engineer Olga Golovko. It boldly addresses the age-old question: Is fashion a form of art? Visually, the answer is a resounding “yes,” but it also raises a fascinating follow-up query: Can artificial intelligence conjure true artistry?

In a world where debates on whether fashion qualifies as art continue to simmer, the 37th Riga Fashion Week introduces an artistic concept that fuses multiple styles, irony, and an unapologetic openness. A diverse palette of expressive elements dances between the simplicity of modernism and the edgy scepticism of postmodernism. Instead of an intricate masterwork, Olga has crafted something refreshingly ‘simple,’ akin to a striking photograph. It’s her daring attempt to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

The pièce de résistance of this upcoming Fashion Week is a model donning a bold minimalist noname coat in vibrant red, flawlessly paired with a light pink glossy prêt-à-porter hat inspired by the glamorous swim caps of the 1960s. Her understated, makeup-free beauty stands in stark contrast to the vivid colours, initially creating a visual dissonance that, upon closer inspection, leaves an indelible emotional imprint. This is Riga Fashion Week: Where art, technology, and style collide in the most captivating and modern way possible.