Sugar Cane Tubes and Recycled Paper Boxes

July 21, 2020  18:47  |  Beauty Fashion

In continued efforts to create a purpose-driven company, as well as be stewards of the environment, Life’s Butter Cosmetics is launching new, environmentally friendly packaging. As part of our continued efforts to be as green as possible, the company is making several innovative changes to their packaging. All their products now come in 100% recyclable packaging. Their new series of tube packaging will be made from sugarcane plastic, an organic byproduct of farming, as opposed to traditional plastic made from fossil fuels. The marketing team also announced that the informational booklet with instructions is now being transformed into video series and tutorials on how to get the best out of the product and the dry brush.

Sugar Cane Tubes and Recycled Paper Boxes

Photo – Life’s Butter ©

In addition to Life’s Butters’ commitment to environmentally conscious packaging, they ensure that the products are also never tested on animals.

The company released the following statement: “We make sure everything we produce is and always will be 100% cruelty-free. We take our overall commitment to the environment so seriously that even our invoices we send to customers are printed on recycled paper.” – Stephanie E. (Head of product development).

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