NOMASEI Partners With (RED) For International Women’s Day

March 7, 2024  18:46  |  News

NOMASEI, a Parisian footwear brand synonymous with sustainable luxury, proudly announces its partnership with (RED) – the organization co-founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to combat AIDS – in honour of International Women’s Day. Known for its ethically sourced and beautifully crafted footwear, NOMASEI unveils a special collaboration to support women and girls in need.


NOMASEI Partners With (RED) For International Women's Day

Photo – courtesy of Nomasei ©


The brand’s iconic TAXI platform sandal takes centre stage in a limited-edition (NOMASEI)RED style. For each purchase of the (NOMASEI)RED TAXI sandal, NOMASEI pledges to donate 20% of the retail price to the Global Fund, supporting vital healthcare programs for marginalized communities. Additionally, NOMASEI introduces custom (NOMASEI)RED socks, with 100% of their retail price going towards the partnership’s charitable endeavours.

Co-founders Marine Braquet and Paule Tenaillon express their excitement about partnering with (RED) for this meaningful cause. “Our values align perfectly with (RED)’s mission,” says Braquet, emphasizing their commitment to making a difference during Women’s History Month.

Jennifer Lotito, President and COO of (RED), echoes the enthusiasm, praising NOMASEI’s stylish contributions to the fight against AIDS and related injustices.

Tenaillon and Braquet, with over two decades of experience in luxury fashion, forged NOMASEI out of a desire to revolutionize the industry. Designed in Paris and meticulously crafted in Montopoli, Italy, NOMASEI represents a shift towards transparency, responsible production, and eco-consciousness. By leveraging eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, NOMASEI aims to combat overproduction and promote customer transparency. The brand collaborates with certified suppliers and factories, prioritizing sustainable sourcing, wastewater reuse, and responsible waste management. With NOMASEI, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to a better future for fashion and the planet.