New Skincare Concept by Hugh & Grace

November 19, 2020  17:23  |  News

Redefining the way consumers interact with and understand chemical exposure after identifying a gap in the market for a high-performing skincare line free from hormone-disrupting chemicals, trailblazing skincare brand Hugh & Grace today announces its official debut. Revolutionizing the personal care paradigm, Hugh & Grace delivers a range of products sans chemicals, found in both natural and synthetic ingredients, that disrupt and interfere with hormone signalling. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Sara and Ben Jensen, the brand’s inception comes after a 14-year struggle with unexplained infertility, leading to the discovery that hormone disruptors found in most personal care items – including those labelled “clean” and “non-toxic” – are linked to infertility and many other serious diseases.

New Skincare Concept by Hugh & Grace

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“As a result of our journey and extensive research with renowned doctors, we knew we needed to create a solution through awareness, education and products, and we’re thrilled to present our first-of-its-kind skincare concept to widely address the truth about hormone disruptors,” said Hugh & Grace co-founder and co-CEO Sara Jensen. “Driven by our products, activated through knowledge and carried forward with grace, our mission is to reduce chemical exposure and inspire and equip people to live cleaner, healthier lives with high-performing, luxurious ingredients to help promote skin immunity, resiliency and beauty, naturally,” adds Hugh & Grace co-founder and co-CEO Ben Jensen.

Hugh & Grace’s launch collection centers around detoxification, repair and protection, with each item thoughtfully designed to work synergistically for a holistic skincare regimen. Gender-neutral and safe for all ages, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, products range in price from $15 to $95; also available as a series of sets ranging in price from $42 to $220.

Developed in partnership with expert formulators boasting more than 400 years of green chemistry experience on their team, each plant-based product is free of hormone disruptors, toxins, fillers, silicone, synthetic colours, artificial/synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates and parabens.

Hugh & Grace Launch Collection

Restoring Face Serum ($95) – Lightweight, synthetic-fragrance and wax-free, this miracle blend helps brighten and give skin a youthful glow.

Renewing Night Serum ($90) – Delivering immediate hydration, moisture, smoothness and clarity for a luminous and radiant complexion, the night serum works in tandem with the body’s natural regeneration at night.

Protecting Body Oil ($60) – Softening, soothing and hydrating, the body oil also helps to protect and strengthen skin, creating a natural barrier between the skin and the elements.

Purifying Cleansing Bar ($15) – Formulated to deeply cleanse, detox, buff away impurities and rebalance skin, the cleansing bar offers a blend of powerful adaptogen extracts.

In furthering its commitment to educational accessibility in the space, Hugh & Grace features a medical advisory board comprised of thought leaders and world-renowned doctors. The brand also launched with a peer-to-peer and direct-to-consumer format with the intent of cultivating a community that brings people together through awareness and a shared mission.

After Sara and Ben opened up about their journey, both of their respective sisters offered to be gestational surrogates, culminating in the birth of the couple’s children and company namesakes Hugh and Grace.

“Inspired by the gift of our children, we created this company not just to be about products, but also knowledge sharing and hope. Hugh means heart, mind and spirit. Grace means goodness, generosity and love. Together they represent the soul of Hugh & Grace, the company, and Hugh & Grace, the Collective,” said Sara.

Additional items will be added to the collection in the coming months. All products retail directly via, where customers may also access educational materials.