‘Life’s Fragile Moments’ by Julian Lennon

May 15, 2024  14:33  |  News

‘Life's Fragile Moments’ by Julian Lennon

Photo – courtesy of Julian Lennon ©


Renowned photographer and visual artist Julian Lennon is gearing up to unveil his debut coffee table photography book, “Life’s Fragile Moments,” hitting shelves on September 9, 2024. This captivating collection showcases visually stunning images spanning over two decades of Lennon’s multifaceted life, career, adventures, and philanthropic endeavours.

While Lennon is celebrated for his contributions to the music industry as a singer/songwriter, his talent extends to the realm of photography, as demonstrated in this exquisite volume. Through authentic street art, breathtaking landscapes, and intimate portraits, he offers a unique perspective on life’s beauty and fragility. Each photograph tells a compelling story, drawing viewers into a world of emotion and creativity.

In “Life’s Fragile Moments,” readers will find personal reflections and insights penned by Lennon himself, providing a deeper understanding of his artistic journey. His words, coupled with his captivating images, offer a rare glimpse into his thoughts and emotions, making this book a must-have for photography enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In addition to classic images, the collection includes never-before-seen photographs from Lennon’s travels to Uruguay and a series capturing a tribute concert for Leonard Cohen, featuring artists such as Sting, Elvis Costello, and Lana Del Ray.

With its visual impact and emotional depth, “Life’s Fragile Moments” stands out as a unique addition to any collection, reflecting the diverse facets of Lennon’s creative spirit.