Is The New Era of NFTs Here With Etherendy, The World’s First Tokenized Artifact Collection?

April 18, 2023  18:49  |  News

Media attention on NFTs and digital collectibles is growing, and a pioneering initiative plans to launch the first collection in April 2023. The collection will combine NFT technology with traditional art, creating a unique value by merging digital and physical artworks.

Is The New Era of NFTs Here With Etherendy, The World's First Tokenized Artifact collection?

Photo – courtesy of Etherendy ©

The “Etherendy” collection is a novelty in the NFT market, with each piece being a valuable and unique work of art in both digital and physical form. Unlike traditional NFTs, this collection includes hand-painted, hand-gilded, and individually serial-numbered artefacts from a 197-year-old European classic manufacturer. The limited edition makes this collection a special and rare token specialty.

The “Etherendy” tokens are versatile and offer various utilities, including discounts for future token sales. In addition, they may be used as item boosters or treasure tokens in select projects, based on the collection’s value. As the collection blends classic art and digital technology, the organizers aim to deliver unique customer experiences.

With each token purchase, the owner will receive the physical artwork as part of the package, free of charge. Furthermore, collectors will participate in a metagame focused on the collection’s unique colour markings on the tokens, with a grand prize at stake. “Etherendy” creators envision attracting art collectors with additional limited-edition collections in the future and view this release as an introduction. The blend of classical art and blockchain technology will create value and renew interest in collectible classical and digital artworks.