Herman Miller Unveils New Collector’s Items and Brand Identity

May 7, 2024  16:08  |  News

Herman Miller Unveils New Collector's Items and Brand Identity

Photo – courtesy of AHerman Miller ©


Herman Miller has introduced two new collector’s items from its archives: the limited-edition Hot Dog Picnic Poster (1973) and a standalone print edition of Ideas magazine. These additions enhance the iconic Picnic Poster series.

In January 2024, Herman Miller unveiled a refreshed brand identity, featuring a new logo and wordmark. Collaborating with Order Design, Herman Miller developed a complete set of brand standards, including a rich colour palette, a new wordmark, and a prominent role for the iconic M logo, originally designed by Irving Harper in 1946. Ideas magazine brings this new system to life in a tangible form.

The poster and magazine, along with highlights from Herman Miller’s graphic design history, will be showcased during the “Picnic on Park” celebration at Herman Miller’s New York location at 251 Park Avenue South. The event will be part of NYCxDESIGN from Tuesday, May 21 through Thursday, May 23, 2024.


Hot Dog Picnic Poster


In 1970, Herman Miller hired Steve Frykholm, its first in-house graphic designer, fresh out of Cranbrook Academy of Art. Over his 45-year career, Frykholm became Vice President of Creative Design, earning numerous awards. One of his most cherished projects was designing the annual company picnic poster, a tradition that spanned 20 years and became part of permanent collections at MoMA and other museums worldwide.

The Hot Dog Picnic Poster is the third in the series to be reprinted as a limited edition, following the Sweet Corn Picnic Poster (1970) released in 2021 and the Watermelon Picnic Poster (1971) in 2023. The meticulous screen-printing technique used mirrors Frykholm’s original process from 1970. “It’s a sequence of events. One colour at a time. And then that last one goes on, and it’s better than you imagined,” Frykholm explains in a short film produced by the brand.

Each poster is screen-printed on 100% cotton paper and mounted in an American maple frame available in natural, white, or black finish. Dimensions are 42½” H x 28″ W x 2½” D. The Hot Dog Picnic Poster is available for $895 USD in stores and online at Herman Miller.


Ideas Magazine


Inspired by the thought-leader-style publication Herman Miller produced between 1978 and 1982, the new standalone edition of Ideas magazine explores the company’s history and emerging ideas. “There are many reasons Herman Miller is thriving after 100 years, and our ongoing receptivity to ideas is central to the brand’s success,” says Kelsey Keith, Brand Creative Director at Herman Miller. The magazine and its digital and social experiences delve into the ideas behind all aspects of design, reflecting Herman Miller’s spirit of adventure and innovation.

Complimentary copies of Ideas will be available in Herman Miller showrooms globally.


“Picnic on Park” at NYCxDESIGN


Herman Miller’s store at 251 Park Avenue South will host “Picnic on Park” during NYCxDESIGN on May 21-23, 2024, from 12 pm to 2 pm EST. Visitors can enjoy a Herman Miller-style summer picnic, complete with a bespoke hot dog cart. Attendees will receive a copy of Ideas magazine and a collectable tote (available in limited quantities) and get a first look at the Hot Dog Picnic Poster, the 2024 reissue from Herman Miller’s iconic Picnic Poster series.