Gun Ana

May 1, 2024  15:09  |  Beauty Fashion

Gun Ana

Photo – courtesy of Gun Ana ©


Gun Ana, the pioneering suncare brand from Stockholm, Sweden, announces its official launch in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2020 by Sigrid Osvald and Kajsa Regnér, Gun Ana aims to redefine the perception and use of sunscreen.

Inspired by their experiences in the French Alps, Sigrid and Kajsa realized the importance of year-round sun protection. They set out to develop premium SPF products that combine effectiveness with indulgence. After extensive research and collaboration with expert chemists, Gun Ana debuted in the spring 2022.

Gun Ana promotes sunscreen as an essential part of daily skincare. Their products feature silky formulations, botanical extracts, and inspiring packaging, all designed with sustainability in mind. The brand, named after the ancient sun goddess Gun Ana, underscores the importance of protecting both skin and the environment.

Gun Ana offers a range of skincare essentials, including the lightweight Body Repair Serum with oat, wheat germ, and rosehip oils, and the Protective Face Mist with Butterfly Ginger Root and Tremella Extract for HEV-light and pollution protection. The UV Body Mist provides lightweight, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection while keeping skin hydrated. The Face Cream SPF 50 offers all-day hydration and defence against environmental stressors with a blend of oat oil, wheat germ oil, rosehip oil, and hyaluronic complexes.

All products focus on efficacy and sustainability, embodying Gun Ana‘s mission to revolutionize sun care.