Captivating New Works by Stefano Bolcato

September 8, 2023  18:31  |  News

Rehs Contemporary, a prominent gallery dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge and thought-provoking contemporary art, is excited to introduce two exceptional new artworks by the acclaimed Italian artist, Stefano Bolcato. These pieces, titled “Chop Suey (Tribute to Edward Hopper)” and “New York Office (Tribute to Edward Hopper),” bring a delightful twist to iconic compositions by incorporating Lego figurines.

Captivating New Works by Stefano Bolcato

Chop Suey (Tribute to Edward Hopper) by Stefano Bolcato. Photos – courtesy of Rehs Contemporary ©

Bolcato’s artistic mastery shines brightly as he skillfully employs Lego figures to reimagine the renowned works of Edward Hopper. “Chop Suey” adeptly captures the essence of Hopper’s original piece while infusing it with a playful spirit. The composition invokes nostalgia while providing a fresh perspective on Hopper’s classic scene.

Similarly, “New York Office” delves into the well-known Hopper painting, depicting a scene that feels simultaneously familiar and wonderfully innovative. Bolcato’s creative brilliance is evident as he conveys the emotions and ambience of the original masterpiece, fostering an engaging dialogue between the past and the present.

Captivating New Works by Stefano Bolcato

New York Office (Tribute to Edward Hopper) by Stefano Bolcato.

The presentation of these remarkable works exemplifies Rehs Contemporary’s dedication to exhibiting art that challenges conventions and sparks meaningful conversations. Bolcato’s innovative approach not only pays homage to Edward Hopper’s legacy but also introduces a new layer of narrative and interpretation through the use of Lego figures.

Stefano Bolcato’s creations will be showcased at Rehs Contemporary, providing art enthusiasts and collectors with a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in his inventive artistry firsthand.