Blendily New Product Launch

November 10, 2023  19:45  |  Beauty Fashion

Blendily New Product Launch

Photos – courtesy of Blendily ©

Addressing the common concerns of darkened and fluid-retaining areas under the eyes, as well as deepening creases at the corners, Blendily introduces Eagle Eyes Eye Elixir—a brand-new eye treatment featuring a convenient roller ball application.

The star ingredient in this product is Balm of Gilead Oil. Extracted from Black Cottonwood Buds infused in Olive Oil, this oil captures the healing sap from the Pacific Northwest native tree. Known for its deep, resinous, and warm scent, Balm of Gilead Oil is exceptional for nourishing and healing dry, chapped skin.

Blendily New Product Launch

To enhance its therapeutic properties, the elixir incorporates Clary Sage, Wild Carrot, and Black Pepper Essential Oils. These oils contribute anti-inflammatory and blood-circulatory benefits, making Eagle Eyes an effective treatment to promote increased flow in the eye region.

Founder Ivy Chuang emphasizes the importance of addressing stagnant energy under the eyes through regular lymphatic massage, coupled with the use of Eagle Eyes. This approach aims to enhance blood circulation and flow in the treated area.

Blendily, a botanic wellness brand, offers a diverse range of self-care products, with Eagle Eyes as part of their ‘seed-to-soul’ botanical kitchens. Drawing inspiration from surrounding landscapes and seasonal offerings, Blendily is a Taiwanese-American woman-owned business dedicated to holistic well-being.