Beauty of the Wild

December 31, 2021  23:03  |  News

Recently, the “Beauty of the Wild, the Convention on Biological Diversity Photographic Exhibition”, hosted by the Beijing Representative Office of the National Geographic Society (USA), was launched. The Milu deer photographic work from Yang Guomei, President of Dafeng District Photographers Association was selected for the exhibition. The Dafeng wetland in Jiangsu has given birth to a rich and unique ecosystem, and Milu deer, the “wetland elves”, has attracted the attention of the world again, according to the Publicity Department of Dafeng District People’s Government.

Beauty of the Wild

Photo – Yang Guomei © Milu deer in Dafeng Milu Park

When COP 15 was held in Kunming, the exhibition attracted wide attention. A total of more than 30 nature photos taken in recent years were on display to show the beauty of wildlife in China’s national parks and reserves, hoping to draw public attention to the protection of species diversity. Milu deer from Dafeng has become a typical representative of attaching importance to biodiversity conservation in China.

The photographs in the exhibition show the happy scene of Milu deer crossing the water in the Chinese Milu National Nature Reserve. The area is rich in ecological resources. Over the years, sustainable construction has maintained the integrity of the natural ecosystem, protected biodiversity, promoted natural ecological protection and harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. At present, Dafeng wetland has created five “best in the world”, i.e., the largest Milu deer nature reserve, the largest Milu deer population, the most complete Milu deer gene bank, the largest wild Milu deer population, and the largest artificially domesticated Milu deer population in the world.

Yang Guomei has been following Milu deer for 35 years and is known as “the first person in Chinese Milu deer photography”. He uses images to save the rare species and has published a number of collections of Milu deer themed photographs. More than 500 Milu deer-themed photographic works have won awards or exhibited in international film festivals in 76 countries and regions. Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I) has been listed as a World Natural Heritage site, and his works have frequently appeared in the process of applying, building a bridge between the Yellow Sea wetland in Yancheng and the world.