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March 22, 2017  20:30  |  M.I.C. News

Audioriver 2017 - SwO magazine

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The Audioriver Festival has for many years been the best event for the fans of electronic music in Poland who want to see the most spectacular, and often unattainable for clubs, concerts at one place. Today the organizers announced another several projects, that both Polish and the wider international audience did not have the opportunity to see. These are Vitalic – ODC live, Carl Craig presents Versus Synthesiser Ensemble, High Contrast live and Killbox (Ed Rush & Audio). Moreover, Tale Of Us, S.P.Y, Agents Of Time live, Dax J, DJ Storm and Hugh Hardie have also joined the programme.

Let’s start with the largest band announced today, Versus Synthesizer Ensemble, which is led by the icon of electronic music, Carl Craig. This means that the Main Stage will be taken over by Carl Craig behind the machines, Francesco Tristano and his piano, Kelvin Sholar at keyboards, and the three other keyboard players. What are they going to play? Craig’s and Tristano’s tracks in completely new arrangements prepared specifically for this project.

Carl Craig – Sandstorms (Versus Version)

Another thrilling live act will appear on the Main Stage, namely Vitalic – ODC live. ODC is short for odyssey – something that a voyager goes on. And “Voyager” is the title of the latest album of the French headliner. The fourth album of the artist came out on January 20th and it promises a great show.

Vitalic – Waiting For The Stars ft. David Shaw And The Beat

Another live act is a project which is even more fresh and unique than the ones mentioned above. This is someone who had performed only as a DJ for years, but last October finally made his debut as an artist presenting only his own productions. This artist’s name is High Contrast. Not only can he play many of his legendary tunes from the past, but also give a taste of his next album which is expected later this year.

High Contrast – Remind Me

Just as High Contrast, another newly created project will be seen in Hybrid Tent and that is Killbox. It’s formed by two geniuses of darker and stronger side of drum & bass – Ed Rush and Audio – who have recently joined their forces and released their first EP on RAM Records a month ago. But this is not the end of drum & bass in today’s announcement, because S.P.Y, Hugh Hardie and DJ Storm will also perform on the beach in Plock.

Killbox – Surge

Changing the time signature to 4/4, the organizers also announced the return of Tale Of Us to the Circus Tent. In a similar musical area, but in the live version and on the T-Mobile Electronic Beats Stage, the trio Agents Of Time will perform. This project took 17th position on the list of the best live acts of 2016 according to the readers of Resident Advisor. Last but not least, the same stage will be joined by an idol of many fans of a slightly faster techno music – Dax J.

The 12th Audioriver festival will take place on 2830 July in Plock, Poland   at a Vistula beach and several other locations. The previous four editions were sold out even before the gates were opened, and the last festival gathered 28 thousand people.