Anne-Marie Zanetti’s Captivating “Reminisce Series: A Journey through Time and Self-Discovery”

August 9, 2023  17:40  |  News

Rehs Contemporary is proud to present new works by renowned artist Anne-Marie Zanetti. The paintings are part of a larger series of works titled “Reminisce,” which offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s personal journey of self-discovery, as she explores the intricate relationship between the past and the present through her art.

Anne-Marie Zanetti's Captivating "Reminisce Series: A Journey through Time and Self-Discovery"

Anne-Marie Zanetti “siofra”. Photos – courtesy of Rehs Contemporary ©

At the heart of the “Reminisce” series is Zanetti’s youngest daughter, Bec, who has become an unending source of inspiration for the artist. Through meticulous and emotive portraiture, Zanetti delves into the depths of her own memories, skillfully unlocking hidden truths about her formative years. The profound connection between mother and daughter serves as a gateway to understanding the artist’s own adolescent experiences and emotions.

“Recreating the visage of my daughter, Bec, has led me to a profound realization: she is a mirror that reflects not only her own journey but also my own past,” Anne-Marie Zanetti expressed. “As Bec embarked on her transition from teenage years to adulthood, it triggered a flood of memories from my own youth during the culturally vibrant decades of the 1970s and 1980s. The ‘Reminisce’ series captures the essence of that era, enabling me to encapsulate the fleeting impressions of my youthful landscape.”

Drawing upon the visual language of the past, Zanetti thoughtfully crafts each portrait to evoke a sense of nostalgia, drawing viewers into a world brimming with sentiment and reflection. The artist’s deliberate choice to style the portraits reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s era imbues the artworks with a unique charm that pays homage to the artist’s own experiences and the spirit of those times.

Anne-Marie Zanetti's Captivating "Reminisce Series: A Journey through Time and Self-Discovery"

Anne-Marie Zanetti “Eadaoin”.

“These portraits are not just snapshots frozen in time; they are embodiments of emotions, fragments of experiences, and whispers of the past,” Zanetti continued. “My intention is not only to unravel the enigmatic insights concealed within the shadows of my history but also to empower these insights with a voice that resonates across generations.”

The “Reminisce” series stands as a testament to Anne-Marie Zanetti’s remarkable ability to transcend artistic boundaries, intertwining personal narratives with universal themes of growth, identity, and the passage of time. Rehs Contemporary invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and the general public to experience this profound artistic journey firsthand and engage with the poignant stories that unfold within each brushstroke.

Anne-Marie Zanetti’s newest works will be on display at Rehs Contemporary from now through the end of September. Visitors are encouraged to explore this remarkable collection of works that offer a captivating glimpse into the intricate tapestry of human experience.